"We now inhabit a planet where the majority of the population is constantly staring downwards, entranced, twiddling like carpenter ants. Do pickpockets know they’re living in a second renaissance?"

— Patton Oswald

"She has a great attraction for simple people who are puzzled by organized society, who object to paying taxes, who dislike the “welfare” state, who feel guilt at the thought of the suffering of others but who would like to harden their hearts. For them, she has an enticing prescription: altruism is the root of all evil, self-interest is the only good, and if you’re dumb or incompetent that’s your lookout."

Comment, July 1961 - Gore Vidal on Why Ayn Rand Sucks and Literary Criticism - Esquire

No words minced.

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The tuning in of Tokyo in lien of Basic Channeling
Had students of the Bosom study woman through the scrambling 1980 cable box
A gateway drug for horny lads
Who later found the joy of sex and hidden stash of porno mags
Holy god damn fucking shit
Massive hooters everywhere
Pointing toward celestial defenders of the hemisphere
So many vagina types
This one is naked lamb
This one is a violant slice
This one is like raver pants
Someone that you know is hiding hustlers in the local woods
Inside there is something that will alter how you know this world
You may want to fuck some tits
You may want to hide your face
You will always find some time to fuck your fucking time away
We had found a mystery VHS tape in a secret drawer
When our parents left for work we fed it to the VCR
Specimens of hair and sweat intended for a private eye
Humping like a pair of dogs
Showcasing a primal drive
Nothing seamed the same again
Judgement is a petty joke
Nobody can say a word
They worship the same centerfold
Aliens of horrid Mars
Seeking life on boring Earth
Dropping quarters on the floor
Peaking up the shortest skirts


I’ve heard from various people over the years that the conversational style in Ethel and Albert is similar to a show I’ve never seen. Siegfeld? Zigfeld? Feigold? Something like that?


Yeah, well, you know. I don’t have time to watch all these shows.


Peg Lynch

Poking a Dead Frog: Conversation With Today’s Top Comedy Writers by Mike Sacks

"And that’s all that you can hope for: to lose track of time and to get into a zone to produce writing that you’re happy with. So I’d recommend that to all young writers. Just write. Lose yourself. And when you look up, maybe you’ll be somewhere you always wanted to be."

James L. Brooks

Poking A Dead Frog: Conversations with Todays Top Comedy Writers by Mike Sacks

"No, I do not weep at the world- I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife"

— Zora Neale Hurston

"I run this shit/ I set the trends/ you get the dick/ that’s basically it."

Albert Johnson

“H. N. I. C.”

"You died
I cried
and kept on getting up
a little slower
And a lot more deadly"

— Assata Shakur

"Find the value for n such that n plus everything else in you life makes you feel all right. What would n equal? Solve for n?"

Peter Cameron


"Wanted to tell God that I don’t deserve this/ Was afraid that He’d tell me I deserve less."

Shawn Corey Carter

“Squeeze 1st”

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